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Specializing in 100% hand-dyed wool and innovative crazy quilting stitch designs!


Bridle Path Quilt Kit

Bridle Path Quilt Kit features fabrics from Lynn Wilder's Hearthstone Collection by Marcus Fabrics. Kit contains everything needed to complete the quilt top including binding and pattern. There is no backing included. 

This quilt is Lynn Wilder’s tribute to the brave women of the 1930’s American Depression Era. The sashing represents the Packhorse Librarians traveling along trails and paths in the mountains of Kentucky delivering books and spreading literacy to remote areas during the 1930’s.

The fabric line is called HEARTHSTONE, named for the flat stone forming the hearth, in the small cabins in the woods. The BOM quilt is called Bridle Path, fearless women sometimes had to carve out their own paths through the wilderness, sometimes following game trails barely visible to the naked eye. The women were fearless, 'plucky', and determined to improve the lives of their own families, in addition to improving the lives of the impoverished and illiterate. Their courage is admirable and their stories need to be told. says Lynn. Lynn will share comprehensive tutorials and a story each month on her blog: Sew'n Wild Oaks.

The finished quilt measures approximately 98” x 98”.

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